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Wonderstand : aphorisms : the dot and the dots

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Wonderstand : aphorisms : the dot and the dots

av Sohan Qadri
Danskt band, 2009

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Om boken


The truth cast into idea
looses its truth
the mold takes hold (p. 20)

Make me transcend
my time
my space
and break my border
to you (p. 36)

"In the poems `the Dot and the dots´ Sohan carries on the tantric tradition, expanding our minds by placing the dot everywhere, between the lips of lovers, in the northern lights, among the galaxies, and yet we remain right here.

I am a dot
in the orgiastic ecstasy
so spiritual
and so mundane
at once.
(p. 60)

But you don't have to know the secrets of Tantra to experience his poems - they will inspire you and convey its universal message anyway."
Swami Janakananda

"Many thanks indeed for sending us the remarkable book `Wonderstand´ by Sohan Qadri. We are big fans of Sohan´s paintings and now we are big fans of his poetic voice too!"
Lorna Howarth (Co-Editor, Resurgence Magazine).

"... a garland of pearls of wisdom like Rubayat (sufi poetry), a collection of gnomic verse where the world of meaning is pressed in minimum of words. Every piece is commentary on Life at the abstract plane and gives at the same time an easy understanding of life´s rules for an ordinary man."
N. Meera Raghavendra Rao (The Newspaper The Hindu)

On Qadris art:

"Sohan Qadri with his art liberates the word meditation from its fashionable taste and brings it back to its proper origin, uninfluenced by Western propaganda, misunderstandings and corruptions."
Heinrich Böll (Nobel Prize Winner)

"Sohan Qadri, in a few words, believes in an inner and outer sphere in the life of man. Striving to establish contact with this world within, with one´s true self, he sees as utterly essential for all of us. His art belongs to something of the most refined one can perceive, something which touches "the ultimate secret". We can experience his works directly and with strong presence, and thereafter we can slowly decipher and extract their secrets."
Virtus Schade (Art critic and writer, Copenhagen)
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Sohan Qadri

Förlaget Bindu
Sohan Qadri
210 x 110 x 8 mm
130 g
Hce.03; Hce.018


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