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Three Angels A God Driven Journey

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Three Angels A God Driven Journey

av Patrik Leion
Storpocket, 2014

289 kr

Skickas inom 2—5 vardagar.

Om boken

A personal God revelation led to this Book A fallen angel is in need of help in order to return to the light, and finds the help from two other angels. They travel together and discuss different things they know of, that they can share, such as how the dark is constructed, Jesus real name, reptiles, the global conspiracy known as Illuminati, and the possible truth behind "9/11". Gordon, as the fallen one is named, helps a young boy that has learnt he is an angel, and how he should handle it. Gordon then goes through prayers needed to get back to the light, and follow one of the angels to an important lecture where their knowledge is needed. Gordon eventually visits God for a second time in his life, to clarify what´s on his mind in order to find balance again.
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