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Nothing but the veil

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Nothing but the veil

av Regina Lund
Unknown, 2009

199 kr

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Om boken

"Nothing but the Veil- a conversation in ordinary" By Regina Lund (King Ink publishing 2009) My book "Nothing but the Veil" is about the possibilities of forgiving the unforgivable. It is about forgiving someone from the other side who is already dead from this Earth in physical meaning. It is about the present day world that I live in from my small perspective wishing to heal myself and the world at the same time, because there really is no separation. My book , which is now yours, is a book about peace with the past, future and the present. This book is my attempt, my prayer and my wish to contribute to peace on Earth. My book is a book I hope will help in the work of bringing love, hope and peace to humanity. It is my conversations with my dead father director Christian Lund, whom I love dearly. Me and my father wrote this book together in an unusual way. Me from this present physical life communicating with him on the other side of this life, on the other side of the veil. Him communicating through verbal and non verbal ways. There is only a thin veil between us here and the ones that were here before and they who will be here again. There is no separation. I am very thankful for Daniel Watson who dares, who has the courage and the urge, to publish this book. I am very thankful to you, the reader. Thank You for reading my words. I pray they will bring you love, hope, courage, strength, inspiration and peace. Sincerely Regina Lund
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Regina Lund

King ink
Katja Elmén


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