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Knowledge, Renewal and Religion

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Knowledge, Renewal and Religion

av Kjersti Larsen
Storpocket, 2009

345 kr

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Om boken

Among the Swahili on the East-African Coast, this trend provokes questions related to whether we should approach what appear to be expressions of religious positioning in terms of renewal of previous understandings and relationships, or as a rephrasing of complex and conflictual matters that were always part of Swahili society.
The papers in this book reveal that the Swahili are experiencing worsening economic, political and social conditions. Within these circumstances, Islam is invoked as a source of knowledge that not only explains the current state of life and living, but also gives direc-tions on how to cope with and to change the situation for the better. Islam is both what reinforces Swahili identity and a particular way of life, and at the same time, given the current international climate, further marginalizes Swahili society and culture.
Kjersti Larsen is Associate Professor at the Department of Ethno- graphy at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. She has conducted research in Muslim sociteties in East Africa.
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Kjersti Larsen

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