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King ink Magazine 3

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King ink Magazine 3

289 kr

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Om boken

King Ink Magazine is an international non-political cultural magazine. We seek to discover how art is to survive the increasingly harsh conditions in the world and how the artist himself will survive by constantly changing conditions for example, the downloading of music and the recession. Has it always been like that or is there a difference now? And if so, how can today’s artists find a balance and a space in the market today in their profession? We hope to find some of the answers. King Ink magazine’s goal is to find well-known and unknown artists around the world who deserves to be aknowledged for their knowledge, skills and creations. We are moving in all cultural rooms. Fashion, painting, music, writing, film and everything else that should and can be called art. The magazine is free to read on the internet but there is also a printed version that can be ordered via the website or by mailing info@kinginkmagazine.com After a time of absence, we are now back. Hornier than ever! We’ve made some changes and will now only write in English to fit even better into the international format. The magazine is free to read on the Internet at www.kinginkmagazine.com, but will also be able to purchase as printed version. (Check the website or email info@kinginkmagazine.com). First comeback Issue No.3 offers a cavalcade of interesting wellknown and unknown artists. The first issue of 2010 has the theme IT SOUNDS LIKE ART. We hope for a reading that inspires and develops! King ink Magazine.
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