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God versus Jesus

Dela den här titeln

God versus Jesus

av J D Palander
Unknown, 2011

295 kr

Avvaktar tilltrycksbeslut.

Om boken

Not knowing her destiny is closely liked to Jesus, 2000 years earlier, she has to face the worst nightmare in her life. Posted on a fishingboat in a freezing storm, Jessica has to hide in a labyrinth of corridors, leading her to a bewildering showdown in the remote corner of the Sargasso Sea. There, without any help from the outside world, she has to battle for her life against three increasingly savaged killers. Unable to escape the torment, she faces a fear more paralyzing than her legs. It is a fear she cannot escape from, no matter what she does, she has to embark on a hunt that will rapidly turn into the deadliest, most ruthless game of cat-and-mouse ever. The most exciting adventure thriller you´ll resd this year!
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J D Palander

210 x 135 x 17 mm


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